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THE PEOPLE What drives this company forward is a bold commitment to excellence, something that can only be maintained by a diverse, multinational, multi-ethnic and therefore multicultural workforce. We are continually recruiting supremely skilled professionals, new and established alike, from the global pool of creative talent, without regard for age, origin or background. Our only stipulation is this: we want to find, nurture and reward those individuals who are as passionate about the media industry as we are, those eager to help shape and inform its bright, exciting future.


THE CULTURE Condé Nast International is a unique company, run by a unique set of individuals. Being family-owned we make a conscious effort to operate with a sense of ethics. Time and time again we consistently defy the stereotype of what it means to work for a big multinational media corporation. Undoubtedly this is why there is such a deep sense of loyalty that reverberates throughout the company, from those on the first rung of a long career, to those established Editors and executives who have been with Condé Nast International for a couple of decades. We excel at encouraging a place of work where trust and transparency are crucial, enabling every member of a team to develop and to prove his or her abilities.


THE FUTURE From the very top of the company we believe that the key to a prosperous and successful business is one that strives to learn and evolve. Our legitimate pride in our brands doesn’t prevent us from seeking to improve and to innovate. The technological environment is crucial – now more than ever – and is a great source of opportunity for our brands. We are dedicated to making the most of this.

Condé Nast International offers a diverse range of career opportunities. Visit one of our country offices to apply locally or search for opportunities based in the United Kingdom on our website. Across all markets, Condé Nast International is looking for the brightest talents in the following fields:


We want to hear from journalists with passion, flair and vision to create great content, with the ability to work across platforms, and the hunger to win awards.


Creativity and visual brilliance has always been at the heart of everything we do, and this remains the case, irrespective of platform. We are welcoming tablet designers, user experience experts, video artists and more.

and Sales

Those skilled at identifying and meeting the needs of our consumers and our clients are key to our ongoing success. Effective and intelligent sales and marketing professionals will find our evolving business a rewarding one.


We know that technology is at the centre of tomorrow’s media world for our audiences and for our clients. Condé Nast International is looking for various positions such as mobile specialists, software architects, product developers and project managers.

More opportunities…

Condé Nast International is a great place for professionals from all disciplines, be it accounting, HR, legal, public relations, and more, who wish to use their expertise in a creative and dynamic context.


Condé Nast International is committed to providing interns with a valuable learning experience, where they are treated fairly with respect and courtesy. For further information on our Interns and Internships policy, please review our Social Responsibility page.

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