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Tatler launched in 2008 and soon established itself as the most upbeat and on-the-mark magazine covering high society and fashion in Russia. Fashion, beauty and culture news are reported through the perspective of some of the most intriguing celebrities, public activists, representatives of noble European families and high-profile self-made millionaires, young and hungry for life and pleasure. In 2011, Tatler introduced The Debutante Ball, a grand event for the daughters of the most influential and famous.

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  • Tatler Debutante Ball

    Tatler Ball of the Debutantes is a high life debut for the daughters of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Russia. At a stunning event in the Pillar Hall of the House of the Union, the young ladies dance their first important dance together. The first Ball of the Debutantes in 2011 immediately became one of the main social events of the season. It is now a major gathering for the elite society of the country. The young debutantes dress up for the ball in stunning Haute Couture gowns. Tatler debutantes, the Natasha Rostovas of the 21st century, dance polonaise and waltz with dancers of the Bolshoi Theatre to the music of the National Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by People’s Artist of the USSR Vladimir Spivakov.