Licensing: Magazines, Digital & Events


Condé Nast is continuously looking to expand its portfolio of market-leading brands into new territories and onto new platforms. We operate wholly-owned companies in many countries – including the US, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and India - and our operations in the other markets mentioned on this website are through joint venture or licence arrangements.


Consumers and advertisers trust Condé Nast brands to showcase luxury credibly with unrivaled quality and integrity, irrespective of platform and wherever they are found.  This, coupled with our belief that local autonomy is required to successfully adapt these brands in the various international media markets, are what sets Condé Nast apart from our competition.


Being a license partner of Condé Nast provides:


-  The exclusive right to license world acclaimed brands.


-  Exclusive access to a plethora of editorial content produced to the highest international standards.


-  Insight from and access to Condé Nast's unparalleled editorial expertise.


-  Guidance regarding commercial and marketing activities based on experiences and learning from throughout the Condé Nast world.


For further information, or to discuss a magazine, digital or event licensing proposition, please contact

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